Intangibles I Take on the Journey

Using a backpack from English 2000 Moodle page, stuff your backpack with the intangibles* you will take on the journey.


*Intangibles can be wisdom or knowledge gleaned from your life experiences, including books read. Be specific about what kind of wisdom or knowledge.

Note: Include a few intangibles learned in English 2000.

Include with your stuffed backpack, a paragraph explaining why these backpack intangibles are important for the journey.

Post your stuffed backpack and paragraph on your Word Press blog on Wednesday, April 26.

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Issue Proposal

Before Class on Feb. 2 ,2017:Blind Side

Post to your blog a 300-Word Issue Proposal: Choose a movie that explores a societal issue and answer the following questions, each answer in its own paragraph. Double space between paragraphs, and include an image with your post.

Be sure to paragraph and double space between each paragraph. Otherwise, your block of text will be forbidding, and no one will want to read it.

See list of movies exploring issues in course packet, pp. 46-47.

Note: See pp. 43-44 in Essentials of Argument for assignment & example.

Questions to answer:

    1. Introduce the movie and its issue, and then present the issue in question form.
    2. Explain why the issue is compelling to you.
    3. Describe what you already know about the issue.
    4. Explain what more you need to learn.
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Welcome to English 2000 Blog at LSU

People Together

English 2000 students are ready to write arguments!


Dear English 2000 Students,

After you create your own English 2000 Blog, post a 300 to 500-word entry in which you describe your predominant argument style and include answers to the following four questions, each answer in its own paragraph:

  1. Identify the last time you argued, the issue, the audience, what you were trying to achieve, and what you did to achieve it.
  2. Is what you have described typical of your usual style of argument? If yes, explain why; if no, explain why not and describe your usual style.
  3. What has influenced your style of argument? Consider home training, role models, gender, culture, nationality, national heritage, or any other life experiences that have influenced you.
  4. What do you like best about your current style of argument? What would you like to change? How can you become more flexible in your style?

–from Essentials of Argument, 22

Post your Argument Style before class, Jan. 19, and include a photo of yourself.

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